Erin Rowell - Head Coach/Owner

As owner of Torq F1t, I could not be more ecstatic to bring my vision of fitness to life. My roots began in my homeland of Torquay, Australia where I discovered my love for athleticism after learning to race motorcycles in 1999. Over the next decade I turned professional, and became the world’s first woman to qualify for a Men’s AMA Supermoto Championship event. Throughout my racing career, I modeled full-time internationally; where my racing and modeling career led me to success as a Sports TV host.

While I have enjoyed my time as a racer/model/host, my true passion lies within health and fitness. Specializing in a wide range of fitness; including Stott Pilates, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition, USAW Sports Performance Coach, TRX®, Spinning, Functional Movement Screen, and I am a Cooper Institute Certified Personal trainer and a fitness and nutrition graduate.

I take pride in being able to motivate, inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness is more than just appearance, and exercise makes us feel better and increases our quality of life. With patience and persistence, anyone can achieve realistic goals. I particularly enjoy working with, and focusing, on injuries and special populations by combining training techniques and the benefits of Pilates.

“Ability is a mindset, not a physical attribute”

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Ryan Rowell – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/Owner

Like Erin, I started my journey in fitness through racing motorcycles at a young age in Southern California. In 2009, I earned the #1 Plate in the AMA 125A class and was a podium contender in both motocross and off-road racing. After retiring from motorcycles, I studied Diet and Fitness at Crafton Hills College, and earned certifications in NASM-CPT, TRX®, USAW, CPR and First Aid. I am an avid cyclist, and currently race mountain bikes, while training other professional and amateur athletes.

I could not be more excited to bring Torq F1t to the community, and look forward to helping others in their journey to better health and fitness.

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Jennifer Sinclair - Yoga, Personal Trainer

Needing to find calm within the chaos in the corporate world as a mortgage broker, I thankfully found my sanctuary after discovering the practice of Yoga. Now 7-years later, I am a Yogi Hari’s Ashram- certified, full-time Yoga instructor and have earned credibility through my teachings all over the United States.

Complimenting my Yoga education, I am also a NASM-certified Personal Trainer, with an emphasis on Weight Loss. Recently I attained an AA in Physical Education and health, and am currently studying Kinesiology at Cal State- San Marcos.

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Julianne Perez- Spin Class

It was only 3-years ago that I walked into my first spin class, scared silly of the gears, RPM’s and clip-in shoes that stared back at me. But it wasn’t long before I became a spinning fanatic and pursued teaching full-time. Soon I found myself completing several triathlons and half-marathons. While my true passion is in health and fitness, I have a BA in Communications from Purdue University and an MA in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix.

Whether it be cycling, running, hiking or swimming, the thrill of pushing myself and achieving a great workout has always excited me. Now I strive to bring that excitement and fulfillment to others in their journey of health and fitness. I am a firm believer that motivation simply comes through a passionate instructor, great music and the ability to let loose and enjoy the moment. I take pride in being a member of the TORQ F1T team, and can’t wait to see you in my class!

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Shannon Tagney - Barre

I have always felt ballet classes weren’t always welcoming for adults, or to someone with no dance experience. So with a lifetime of success in dance and ballet under my belt, I was determined to bring the joy of dance and the great foundation of ballet to everyone through Barre fitness. In 2012, I became a Barre certified instructor and have been able to help and encourage clients to enjoy fitness ever since. I am also certified in Booty Barre after training personally with Tracey Mallet.

My achievements include; 20-years training in classical ballet, performing for ballet companies in Riverside and San Diego, and attending the prestigious CSSSA program. I hold a BA in Business Marketing from Azusa Pacific University and Masters with credentials in Educational Counseling.

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Jason Doyle - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness

Originally a baseball enthusiast, I have spent my life expanding my knowledge and education into a career in fitness and health. At age 16, I participated in the Baseball Junior Olympics and have a list of accomplishments to follow including a full scholarship to North Eastern Oklahoma A & M.

I became a certified Fitness Trainer in 2012, I truly enjoy teaching group fitness and being a strength and conditioning coach. Being a personal trainer is a passion of mine, and I look forward to working with athletes and each of my unique clients as they achieve their goals.

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Kristen Dreiss - Sports Therapist

Changing lives through sports massage has been my goal for over 10-years, as I have successfully helped others through my various practices. I am a licensed massage therapist, certified fitness trainer, certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner and am currently continuing my education in Orthopedic massage, Repetitive Use Injury therapy and British Sports Massage.

My goal is to help each of my clients experience a pain free, well-balanced muscular system while specializing in injury prevention.

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