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TORQ Pilates/Reformer

TORQ F1T is a fully operational Pilates ® studio, offering both mat and reformer classes using the STOTT Pilates® method. The benefits of TORQ Pilates/Reformer include muscle toning, increased spine mobility, reduced lower back pain, core strength and overall body awareness.

In our Mat-method Pilates, we utilize the strength of our own body weight through a series of exercises; performed on the floor using a mat. Mat Pilates focuses on engaging in slow, controlled movements using muscles of the core, glutes, back, hips; while using mindful breathing technique.

In TORQ Reformer Pilates , we carry out exercise on the reformer machine. A reformer machine is based on resistance training, made up of springs, loops, a gliding carriage and bar. Exercises include using the entire body positioned on the back, front, or knees depending on the level of training. Reformer Pilates is perfect for challenging the strength and stability of the core, while creating strong, elongated muscles. We offer private, semi-private and group reformer sessions.

TORQ Pilates Group Class Format

TORQ Essentials: All fitness levels welcome in our TORQ Essentials-level group Reformer class after one private orientation is achieved. This class offers an encouraging environment to learn the STOTT Pilates® fundamentals and intermediate repertoire. In TORQ Essentials you will find yourself with increased strength, flexibility, balance and mental clarity via the mind-body connection. By emphasizing pelvic and scapular stability; restoration of the natural curves of the spine and rebalanced joint muscles can be achieved.

Intermediate: Expanding on the basics of TORQ Essentials group reformer class, challenging modifications will further challenge and introduce advanced STOTT Pilates® exercises. Through utilizing athletic conditioning on the reformer, the body will benefit from increased endurance, core control, agility, balance, flexibility, condition and spine/joint restoration.

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